Vickie Hallmark

Austin, Texas, United States

I often find incredulity as a first response to the notion that I now work as an artist after training and practicing as a scientist - it's that notion that one direction is very left-brain intensive while the other is so right-brain oriented. But I avow that very similar creativity is at the heart of both endeavors. The quest for answers, the experimentation, and the dance forward and back on the path to enlightenment are entirely analogous.

My art is autobiographical in that real life issues are always represented in the overriding themes of the work, although it may not be recognizable to anyone other than myself, and even then perhaps until after some reflection. Indeed, the generation of real life solutions seems intimately connected to resolutions of artistic and technical problems during the art process. The name of any piece can immediately pinpoint a date, location and concern in my memory.

Resolution © 2001 Vickie Hallmark
21"h x 21"w
Prizmatic © 2003 Vickie Hallmark
18"h x 18"w
Divergence © 2001 Vickie Hallmark
41"h x 33"w
Throwing in the Towel © 2001 Vickie Hallmark
Throwing in the Towel
23"h x 18"w

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