Pat White

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

The tactile quality of working in the fibre medium drives my desire to explore the combination of colour, line and imagery to create works that are often themed toward environmental issues and those related to conservation of wildlife and geography. Combined with these themes I also explore my role as a feminist working in a medium that was historically used to subjugate women. I start work with pure white cloth and build up layers of paint, cloth and thread using a myriad of techniques including photo transfers, screen printing, block printing, dyeing and painting on fabric

Having lived and worked in conservation education in remote areas such as Kluane National Park in the Yukon and British Columbia’s far north coast drives my passion and affects my artistic outlook and love for sacred spaces that is represented in my work.

One Crow © 2004 Pat White
One Crow
15"h x 22"w
Eco-Warrior III © 2004 Pat White
Eco-Warrior III
65"h x 65"w
Garden of Eden IV © 2002 Pat White
Garden of Eden II
32"h x 42.5"w
Crow in Hand © 2004 Pat White
Crow in Hand
14"h x 14"w

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