Michele Hardy

Mandeville, Louisiana, United States

The notion of looking out or looking in and seeing a fragment of our world is the current theme in my art, which I explore in several series of nature-based abstractions. The combination of organic lines along with the structures of the grids was inspired by maps, aerial views, and natural and urban landscapes. My works can be interpreted as landscapes, cross-sections, and maps of our world, or they can viewed as purely abstract forms. The choice of color is an important energy in my images since how we view the world often depends on how we color our own personal worlds.

Directions #15 © 2003 Michele Hardy
Directions #15
48.5"h x 36.5"w
Geoforms: Porosity #6 © 2003 Michele Hardy
Geoforms: Porosity #6
48"h x 48"w
Colorfields : Ametrine © 2003 Michele Hardy
Colorfields : Ametrine
45.5"h x 36"w
Colorfields : Tourmaline © 2003 Michele Hardy
Colorfields : Tourmaline
36"h x 36"w

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