Mary Andrews

Grand Blanc, Michigan, United States

My love for bright colors began in elementary school when I was in charge of mixing the powdered tempera for my second grade class. Now it is powdered dye that I mix to get color into my fabric. I use rubber bands, clamps, folds, stitching and pole wrapping as a form of resist before I apply the dye. Many pieces are then overdyed, bleached, painted, stamped or screen printed as a second process before it is ever cut up and sewn together.

I am inspired by photographs. Most I take myself of places that I have visited or sometimes find them in old photo albums. Having lived overseas for two years sparked my interest in other cultures. This shows up in my African, Asian, and Australian pieces. The addition of a photograph or part of one helps to tell the story of the piece I am trying to create. These photos are transferred to fabric, manipulated or cut up. Sometimes it is not obvious where the photo has been used. Machine and hand threadwork hold the piece together and finish it up with the final details.

Awakening © 2004 Mary Andrews
38"h x 40"w
Santa Fe © 2003 Mary Andrews
Santa Fe
12"h x 9"w
Material Vision © 2003 Mary Andrews
Material Vision
39"h x 56"w
Torii Gate © 2003 Mary Andrews
Torii Gate
24"h x 20"w

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