Linda Colsh

Everberg, Belgium

Making art is something I do for the challenge of design and the joy of working with dye, paint, and cloth. Life has given me a wide-ranging imagination and my peripatetic life has put me in places of immense and wonderful inspiration. My Art History background gives me not only appreciation for art and culture, but also the ability to look, to analyze, and to assimilate all kinds of visual imagery. I like to use symbols to express my thoughts. My "how I spend my work day" pie chart is evolving: the stitching wedge is slimming down as the surface design piece of pie gets bigger. While studio time is seductive and vital, time away from the needle, brush and dyepot--time to think--is also an important part of my creative process.

In Context © 2005 Linda Colsh
In Context
28"h x 17"w
Riding the Tide © 2005 Linda Colsh
Riding the Tide
13"h x 18"w
Edges of Illusion © 2005 Linda Colsh
Edges of Illusion
9"h x 12"w
Artifice © 2004 Linda Colsh
9"h x 14"w

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