A Fiber And Art Quilt Group

Throwing in the Towel © 2001 Vickie Hallmark Catacombs XV: Terracotta
 © 2004 Joanie San Chirico Colorfields: Ametrine
 © 2003 Michele Hardy Arch (Brooklyn Series) 
 © 2005 Barbara Jade Triton

The Fiber Connection is an Internet group that began in late 1997 when Lisa Call of Colorado decided to create an alliance of like-minded individuals interested in developing a profession in fiber art. To that end, she recruited several other on-line quilt artists with similar ambitions and began the mailing list. Membership in the group has grown and shifted. The Fiber Connection is not a large group, but every member is passionately interested in pursuing her personal artistic goals. We are at various points in our careers, some well established, others still emerging, and we all support one another on a daily basis.

As a group, we bolster each other in our artistic lives with personal experiences and life events mixing in to the daily give and take of our conversation. The diverse and multiple constraints created by the demands of family ties, full-time, or alternate careers make it difficult to find time for artistic endeavors and we share how we solve these problems. We assist each other in preparing materials for portfolios and share information on upcoming shows. Technical problems are greeted with a flow of notes suggesting possible solutions or words of caution based on previous experience. Contacts developed by members have led to group shows, which highlight our talents and diversity.

While individually, each of us would have continued to progress towards her goals, the group dynamic, both competitive and cooperative, has enhanced all of our careers.

Structures #30 © 2004 Lisa Call Lancaster Series: Witness © 2004 Kit Vincent The Ides of March © 2005 Catherine Kleeman Tracks on Stone © 2003 Linda Campbell EcoWarrior III © 2004 Pat White Cloaks for the Genetic Underclasses - Delta © 2000 Clare Smith In Living Color II © 2004 MaryBeth Bellah Underwater Reflections © 2004 Janet Kurjan Riding the Tide © 2005 Linda Colsh Awakening © 2004 Mary Andrews Reduction #7: Flow © 2004 Kathy O'Meara Magnuson Cocoon #3 © 2004 Martha Gilbert High Noon © 2005 Catherine Kleeman In Context © 2005 Linda Colsh Resolution © 2001 Vickie Hallmark If Hundertwasser Had Lived in the Otways © 2004 Dijanne Cevaal